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The Concept

Within the Life Science Department of the University of Siegen the Competence Centre DMGD founded the research group Digital Practice to explore and to enable data medicine. The use of medical data to improve care and treatment of patients is particularly important in rural areas like the vicinity of Siegen, where a lack of general practitioners will become increasingly challenging for the society and existing doctor’s offices will have to treat more and more patients of older age and limited mobility. This is why the scientific approach of the research group follows the guiding principle of substituting patient mobility by data mobility.

Modular Structure Of The Concept

Interconnected Working Groups

The established co-operations to doctor’s offices and hospitals as well as the anchoring in political and socially institutions will back up the activities of the research group by offering a real lab for testing the results of the group. This process is intensively pushed further. The research group is divided into three working groups, which are closely interlinked and build on each other.

Digitale Praxis – Vitaldatenmessung
Unit 1 | Advanced Measurement Technology

Sensor Technology, Monitoring of Vital Parameters

Vital data acquisition forms the patient’s front-end, where vital signs will be monitored using advanced measurement technology like sensing devices. The objective will be to perform measurement at patient’s home and to deliver the data automatically to a processing environment that is accessible by the doctor.

Digitale Praxis – Cloud/KI
Unit 2 | Smart Infrastructure

AI and Cloud Technology, AI-enabled medical data processing

AI-enabled medical data processing will analyze the patient’s data and will carry out a pre-assessment for the doctor by e. g. putting the data in relation to large amounts of already existing data by means of AI in order to support the physician’s findings and diagnosis for an optimum treatment. This will save cost and effort while being less error prone at the same time.

Digitale Praxis – Feedback/Versorgung
Unit 3 | Multilateral Benefits

Dr. Thomas Neumann

Digitally supported forms of medical feedback and care

The final data assessment and the subsequent information of the patients with regard to the consequences, e.g. for the further course of therapy, is matter of the doctor. This research field includes all aspects of benefit assessment, communication design and acceptance analysis regarding the requirements of both physicians and patients.

Members Of The Research Group